Cedars Executive Coaching

“Make the most of yourself....for that is all there is of you.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson 

The hallmark of today’s business environment is rapid change and volatility. To be successful, you must be skilled at managing ambiguity and complexity - to pivot, change course, at moment’s notice - even in the face of conditions you may never have contemplated or dealt with before.

You are a recognized technical expert in your field.  How confident are you in dealing with the ambiguity and the chaos created by rapid market changes?  For some of us, this does not come naturally. Many leaders believe that they must have all the answers - themselves. This belief can seriously limit one’s influence and capacity to lead effective, functional teams.

The ability to adopt an open, growth mindset is a critical leadership differentiator.

  • Curiosity
  • Openness
  • Understanding
  • Experimentation

These are the building blocks to developing and maintaining a growth mindset. Creating a culture of awareness and curiosity - for yourself and your team, significantly improves your capacity to influence thinking and to drive effective change.  It also sets you apart from your competition.

In the Get Centered phase of a coaching engagement, you will examine your sense of purpose, motivating passions, and values. Starting with this inner work is an important step in truly understanding yourself in relation to the other systems with which you interact. Incorporating this process of self discovery is critical in the development of a growth mindset.  It is a solid foundation for sustainable change, a confidence builder, a giant first step towards achieving what was previously unimaginable!

 “There is a way to break the stranglehold of complexity: Slow down to power up.“

John B McGuire, Center for Creative Leadership

Finish this sentence: “You cannot change what you don't ___________.”

Understand. Measure. Acknowledge.  All perfect answers. This is where change really begins.  So, hit the pause button, take a breath, start noticing and learning. Get curious, get real.  In order to get to the optimal future state, you'd better understand, measure, acknowledge, exactly where you are starting.

The most powerful and impactful awareness building happens in this phase of a coaching engagement.  From here, you can get creative, envision an inspired future;  brainstorm new possibilities and begin to test out new ideas.  Using new awareness, you can envision and practice new ways of thinking and being.

This is the rich inner work of creating a bridge from here to there. This is the inner and outer transition of lasting change.

Are you ready?

“Let me respectfully remind you, life and death are of supreme importance! Time swiftly passes and opportunity is lost…Awaken…take heed; do not squander your life!”
-Evening Gatha

You have taken a deep dive and connected to the things that matter most. With greater self awareness, a clear inventory of your strengths and the blind spots, you have developed aspirational goals and a solid plan.  Now is the time to break down barriers, move boulders out of the way, lean on your new ways of thinking and being, execute your plan!

 You will find a heightened sense of clarity, confidence, capacity and the balance you've been missing. When purpose, motivating passions and values are in alignment - there’s no end to the possibilities.  


Lets's get started!

Change will not be sustained without a plan for exactly that - to sustain the change.  Towards the end of any  coaching engagement, I work with my client to do just that.  

Here, we closely examine the effectiveness of our working together, and measure outcomes.  My client develops strategies for maintaining momentum, which may include follow up support with me or with other "trusted advisors".  

For me, there is nothing better than seeing a client find and embrace new ways of thinking and being - and achieve things they did not think were possible before we worked together.  Well…almost nothing better.  I also love when a former client is ready for the next level of growth!  Achieving aspirational goals can lead to readiness for even higher aspirational goals.  Successful change can open up new possibilities for being, new possibilities for growth. 

So, keeping the momentum can mean different things to different clients.  It can mean developing a schedule so that we can touch base, the client can stay on course, check back in on the plan and the execution.  Keeping the momentum can also mean that a client has been successful, has reached a plateau, and is ready to take stock and develop a new vision for even greater growth. 

Either way, I have flexible scheduling plans to accommodate an occasional touch base meetings or new full length engagements.